Data Recovery New England prides itself on being able to perform both logical and physical recoveries, helping to restore your valuable data even if the disk is physically damaged. We stock a wide variety of replacement parts for every disk model, and have the technical know-how and facilities to ensure a successful recovery, even in the face of hardware failure.

Meet the Engineers


I started out by fixing hard drives and this was my hobby for several years.

After fixing drives for fun, I went into refurbishing drives and selling them online and to local computer shops. Computer shops started to refer their customers to me for data recovery services. At that time price for data recovery was extremely high, but I could do it much cheaper and faster.

I was very reluctant to recover data at first, because I understood how important data could be to any person.

Refurbishing drives and recovering data is very similar process, but with totally different goals. After hiring a professional recovery engineer for training and several months of training and practice, I started to recover data for customers. In the beginning, I would get only few drives in, which allowed me to concentrate on the job as much as I needed. Since then, it has been non-stop training as technology is changing rapidly in the data storage industry, and business naturally grew to a present level.


I'm Sergey. I strive to do everything I can to ensure your data is safeguarded, as it is my passion.