The cost of recovery depends on 4 main things or combination of following:

  • Type of damage Logical or Physical or both.
  • Size of the actual drive, not size of data on that drive
  • Whether data is secured by any encryption software/hardware
  • Urgency of the recovery.

On average recovery costs from $300 to $700.00, but in some cases it could cost as low as $200 for basic logical cases and could go up to $1400 for badly damaged drives with platter damage. We will quote and charge you one firm fee, and no additional charges for decrypting, copying and miscellaneous fee other companies charge on top of original quote.

The average recovery can take anywhere from three to seven days. Recoveries that need parts usually average seven days, but could take as long as couple of weeks. If no parts are needed, the recovery usually takes three to five days.

You will never be charged a service fee if we fail to recover your data, unless otherwise agreed. We only charge for return shipping.

Yes. We offer on-site diagnostics, which takes on average 15-30 minutes. In most cases you will leave the office with firm quote and will know approximate time of recovery.

Yes. Please put the drive in a box and include your contact information with a brief explanation of the problem. Hard drives can be dropped off between Mon-Fri. 10am and 6pm.

When you receive the hard drive back from a recovery you have 7 days from delivery to inspect the recovery media and make certain it arrived undamaged. Backups can be stored for longer periods of time at an additional fee. The fee depends on the storage time and size of recovery.

If your drive is unrecoverable and you do not want it back then we will dispose of the drive. To dispose of a drive we take out the inside platters and physically destroy them.

We recover Windows, Mac, and Linux hard drives at no additional fee.

Hard drives can make many different noises from soft clicking, loud clicking, scratching, squeaking, high pitch, scrapping, motor noise, and many more. When contacting us it is best to describe the exact noise you are hearing. Unless the drive is making a constant scratching/scrapping noise it is difficult to diagnose drives recoverability. If in doubt send it to us for a professional opinion.

We charge a set price for recovery media. If you supply your own recovery media then we only charge for the recovery and shipping.

Please include vital contact information and a description of what happened when the hard drive failed. Also, what attempts you have made to recover the data. The longer the drive is powered on after the failure the chance of a successful recovery goes down. Please visit the Process page before sending a hard drive.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, BANK ATM CARDS, Personal Checks (10 days to clear), and PayPal payments. All of our online payment options are secure.

We ship everything USPS priority or express mail. Insurance and delivery confirmation are included with the shipping price.

We charge by the size and type of your hard drive regardless of the amount of data that needs to be recovered. ?