Our process is as follows:

  1. Once we take custody of the drive, diagnostics are performed. This entails determining the extent of damage, whether it is logical or physical, and drafting a firm quote for the work.
  2. Once the quote is confirmed and a credit card preauthorization is on file, the recovery process begins.
    • We first stabilize the drive to readable condition. Then, we begin taking an sector-exact image of your drive.
    • This ensures the integrity and safety of your data.
  3. After the image is taken, we begin rebuilding the file structure of your data, correcting any metadata corruption.
    • We test a sample of recovered files to ensure they are working and usable.
  4. Finally, we copy the recovered files to the destination media for delivery to you.
    • The destination media can either be provided by you, or you may purchase it from us.
  5. Once the invoice is paid in full, you may either pick up the media, or we can arrange shipment or drop-off.
    • We will retain your original drive until you confirm that you are satisfied with the work and are in possession of your needed data.
    • We will then securely recycle your drive, or return it to you upon request.